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Timothy Wilds, College Professor in North Carolina (Asheville Training, 2013)

“Laura is an exceptional teacher – the perfect combination of the knowledgeable authority in her field and a winsome guide and coach who safely takes you to new discoveries without any criticism or condemnation...

Amir, Actor in Germany(Asheville Training, 2013)

“I just love the way Laura conducted the workshop – so much love, caring, attention to detail, clarity, and giving everyone the space and the time they needed...

Robert Fertman, Ontological Coach in Pennsylvania (Asheville Training, 2013)

“I am excited about the applications of Alba to coaching, particularly with people who have habitual moods, to provide an access to new ways of being and acting...

Lisa Dveris, counselor and social worker in Canada (Asheville Training, 2013)

“Laura you are a very skilled and attentive facilitator and you have created a wonderful environment in which to experience Alba...

Louise Siversen, Professional Actress in Australia (Asheville Training, 2013)

“I feel tremendously excited at the prospect of using the work to assist me, and to encourage my practice to expand...

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