Discover and incredible method for dealing with your emotions, using the emotional effector patterns and Alba Emoting. Laura Bond answers questions about discoveries she’s made using this method.

Q1-02:16: Tell us a little bit what Alba Emoting is?

Q2-04:34: What got you involved with this method?

Q3-06:24: Were you able to immediately respond to the techniques that you were shown in the workshop to get connected relatively easy with these emotions?

Q4-07:32: You’ve said earlier about being a teacher and finding a method that you could share with your students. Outside of teaching, for example acting, do you think that someone else would find value in this method and how so?

Q5-09:35: How many steps or sections would a person have to master in order to generate an emotion? What are the things you look at as you help someone discover how to connect with these emotions?

Q6-13:43: When you think of these six emotions, do you find that any tend to be easier or more difficult for people to respond to?

Q7-15:43: Of those three that you’ve mentioned as negative emotions, which are those that carry the most tension? Where would you say that the tension is focused?

Q8-18:24: I have a question from one of our listeners. Patsy from North Carolina wants to know if any of the emotions that we feel have any similarities or are they all distinctly different?

Q9-21:24: Tell me, Laura, are there any emotions where you’ve made some discoveries about yourself?

Q10-25:00: If someone would like to know more about Alba emoting, where should they go find it?

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