Online Feldenkrais Awareness Summit
May 1-8
Are you ready to be inspired? To move, grow, change?
Our Emotional Body instructors are excited to present in the first Online Feldenkrais Awareness Summit! Over 8 days, more than 24 speakers will share the intersection of their passion and the Feldenkrais Method®. The variety of the speakers and the way in which they see or use the Feldenkrais Method is astounding.

The summit is co-hosted by Lavinia Plonka. Laura Bond will present on Sensing &Shifting Emotional States. Jessica Beck is presenting on the topic of An Intelligent Nervous System’s Guide to Arts and Activism.

Register to receive FREE access to each live talk, receive the schedule and instructions on how to access the live talks. For those who cannot make the live summit, information is also available for how to access the talks after the summit is over.

Here are a few other talks in the summit we would like to highlight, for those interested in the connections between the Feldenkrais Method and emotions, behavior, and performance.

The Feldenkrais Method and Interpersonal Neurobiology, by Daniel Siegel & Donna Ray Why Does Lifelong Learning Take so Long?, by Larry Goldfarb
On Imagination and Instinct, by Tiffany Sankary
Calm Your Nerves-Body Centered Strategies to Reduce Anxiety, Stress and Tension, by Julie Francis
Crossing Paths with Yoga, by Erifily Nikolakopoulou (and The Emotional Body book designer!)
Dancing: Thinking Body/Moving Mind, by Angela McMillan
The Singing Self: Somatic Learning for Voice Performers (or anyone!), by Robert Sussuma (Estill Voice Trained)