Laura Bond, Director of the Arts and Ideas program at the University of North Carolina in Asheville and master teacher of the emotional effector patterns.

Do you often feel driven by our emotions? What if there was a method to put you in the driver’s seat? In this conversation, Laura Bond talks about how each of our emotions is very specifically embodied: anger, for example, has its own muscle patterns in the face and body which are quite different from that of joy. When people learn how to do these patterns, they become able to physically shift their emotional state, they begin to feel different. “Suddenly you have more power, more control,” says Laura.

Laura has found that the Alba Method (Alba Emoting), originally used to train actors, is actually universal, something that anyone can use, including coaches and practitioners. Being able to sense the physical expression of your emotional state, and then embody a different one is far from imitating life; it is understanding life.

Bio: Laura Bond is a Full Professor at UNC-Asheville, and the Director of the Arts and Ideas Program. Laura is a master teacher in the emotional effector patterns, used for physical emotion regulation. She has developed new methods to teach the emotion patterns to the general public and helps performers, business professionals, therapists, and life coaches recognize how the method can be used in their practices. She is the author of TEAM for Actors: A Holistic Approach to Embodied Acting, and The Emotional Body: A Method for Self-Regulation.

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