Chaslee Schweitzer (Associate Instructor) is an Assistant Professor of Voice at Oklahoma City University. Since becoming an endorsed instructor of the Emotional Body method, she has integrated emotional effector pattern work into the training of undergraduate actors. She has been studying emotional effector patterns since 2013. She is a voice, speech, text, and accent coach and has a background as an actor. As a Certified Trainer and Coach of Vocal Combat Technique, she also helps actors make vocal extreme sounds (shouting, screaming, choking, growling, grunting, coughing, etc.) in a sustainable manner. She completed her MFA in Theatre Voice Pedagogy from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, AB Canada with her thesis entitled "Embodied Voice and Emotional Presence."  She previously taught at University of Cincinnati: CCM's BFA Acting program, and Miami University's Theatre program.

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Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma